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"Adding an anthropologist to a research team is like moving from black-and-white TV to color. We're
able to observe shades of color that others can't see. Anthropologists understand complexity and can help
devise answers that reflect that complexity."
Cathleen Crain (as quoted in Fast Company magazine)

Meet Our Staff

picture of Niel Tashima

Dr. Niel Tashima is one of the two founding partners in LTG Associates, Inc. and has been with the firm on a full-time basis since its inception in 1982. He has overall administrative responsibility for the firm, and oversees contract management, research design and implementation. He maintains a strong interest in the ethics of social and health research and the role of affected people and communities in the policy discussion. Throughout his career, Dr. Tashima has focused on developing opportunities for consumers to participate in policy discussions through program evaluation and community organizing assistance. In his career, Dr. Tashima's work has taken him from the Colonias on the Texas/Mexico border to rural communities in Garden City and Dodge City in Western Kansas. Click here for full bio...

picture of Cathleen Crain

Cathleen Crain is one of the two founding partners in LTG Associates, Inc. As an active social scientist she designs and manages project work and leads development for the firm. An important area of specialization has been in working with donor and policymaking organizations and connecting their interests to those of the populations to be served. A thirty-five year professional social scientist, Ms. Crain has worked with ethnic, vulnerable, and hard to reach populations domestically and internationally. As Project Monitor, Ms. Crain was responsible for overall direction and quality control of the large and highly successful, performance-based USAID POPTECH contract that performed nearly 250 health planning, monitoring, and evaluation tasks in over 50 countries around the globe and was funded at more than $20 million dollars. Click here for full bio...

LTG has professional staff in its two main offices as well as in a variety of field stations throughout the U.S. Some key LTG staff members are presented below.

picture of Emma Alterman

Emma Alterman is a Research Assistant for LTG Associates involved with a variety of projects focused on health promotion and human services improvement. Ms. Alterman held internships at the National Institutes of Health's Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (NIH/OBSSR) and at The National Center of Health Statistics (NCHS). She is currently pursuing her master's degree at American University in Washington D.C. in the public anthropology program.

picture of Marilyn Anderson

Marilyn Anderson combines computer hardware and software expertise with strong organizational management skills. Through 15 years of management experience and 13 years in information technology, Ms. Anderson has provided training and technical assistance to staff at all levels of software competence. For the past 13 years, she offered hardware and software support to end users, while also providing networking design and implementation to numerous regional businesses in Central California. Click here for full bio...

picture of Reiko Ishihara-Brito

Reiko Ishihara-Brito is a Research Associate at LTG Associates. She is committed to understanding the needs of historically and socially underrepresented communities, and making their voices heard to relevant policy-makers. Her work experience ranges from serving as a union organizer and bargaining team member at the University of California, to working with indigenous communities in cultural heritage conservation and education in Central America. Dr. Ishihara-Brito has worked with USAID and GIZ in Guatemala, designing and implementing qualitative studies to better understand rural, indigenous perspectives on topics related to educational quality, maternal-child health, health care services, nutrition, food security, and climate change. Click here for full bio...

picture of Karen Ito

Karen L. Ito is a cultural anthropologist with specializations in psychological and medical anthropology. She has worked for over 30 years in areas related to the mental and physical health of special needs populations and has conducted research examining the causes and impacts of disability and disease on both individuals and communities. Dr. Ito specializes in qualitative research and the training and direction of multi-site, multi-cultural research teams. Issues of study include maternal and child health, representation of underserved populations in clinical trials, cultural constructions of self through illness interpretation, minority mental health services, and access to health care for poor families, the elderly, and minority women. Click here for full bio...

picture of Ann Pitts

Ann Pitts is a research associate and communications design professional at LTG Associates, Inc. She is currently responsible for LTG's internal and external communications activities including marketing and web-based communications, branding strategy, and corporate identity. She also serves as a web administrator for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation intimate partner violence project and has contributed to a gap analysis project examining the gender sensitivity of AHRQ research. Ms. Pitts assists in corporate development with document and materials planning and design, graphic design, and website development. Click here for full bio...

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