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LTG Associates, Inc. was cited in a survey of 76 policy research and evaluation offices throughout the federal government; 8[a] firms performing good or outstanding work in nine research relevant areas were sought. LTG was particularly noted for its work in:

  • Literature review/synthesis;
  • Case studies/process evaluations;
  • Qualitative research/focus groups; and,
  • Field methods for qualitative data evaluation components.

LTG Associates, Inc. was nominated in 1999 as HRSA's Contractor of the Year for its work with the HIV/AIDS Bureau. How do other clients describe working with LTG Associates? Read on.

"I have served as a project officer on various contracts with LTG Associates over the past several years... LTG has always demonstrated superior customer service, reliability and dependability. Their products are consistently comprehensive, well written and accurately reflect a strong, solid understanding of the issues and the specifications required to meet the deliverables. They have always met deadlines and are cost conscious. LTG is knowledgeable about the bureaucratic process, and mindful of political sensitivities. They are consummate professionals and are always diplomatic and appropriate."-Nancy Brady, Project Officer, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, DHHS;

"I think that you and LTG as an organization are unique in your commitment to community health and excellence in standards of evaluation from a cultural perspective. It is a pleasure to work with you..."-R. Stumberg, Harrison Institute for Public Law, Georgetown University;

LTG has always shown... teamwork and creativity in working with our staff to ensure responsiveness to our needs and organizational structure. On numerous occasions LTG has gone beyond the call of duty in ensuring that projects are completed with the highest quality and in a most timely manner. I would highly recommend LTG Associates for any future projects. It has been a pleasure working with you."-Shirl Taylor-Wilson, Project Officer, Bureau of Primary Health Care, Health Resources and Services Administration, DHHS;

"I have had the opportunity to work with LTG Associates, Inc. over the course of the last five years on a wide variety of projects supported by the Bureau of Primary Health Care... In every instance their work has been of the highest quality... Their work is characterized by a commitment to meaningful collaboration, thoughtful input, flexibility, and good humor. They have worked with us on our projects as true partners.;"These characteristics were clearly evident in a recent collaboration... HRSA convened a Pacific Basin Health Summit--a conference of key health care officials, stakeholders and advocates from each of the six U.S. associated Pacific Island jurisdictions. ...the summit was considered a success by all participants. A good deal of the success belongs to Ms Crain and Dr. Tashima... As with all of their work, they performed their tasks with sensitivity to the variety of personalities and cultures represented."-T. Coughlin, Deputy Director, Division of Programs for Special Populations, Bureau of Primary Care, Health Resources and Services Administration, DHHS;

"Through the Pentecost Project, you empowered us to see what congregations and their leaders wanted and needed to engage in the most direct ministries of inclusion. Keeping the vision of a Church Renewed you provided a means to gather needs, assess them and develop programmatic priorities that accurately reflect the life of our whole community. More intriguing perhaps is that you were able to do this in a relatively short period of time and in a extremely economical fashion. I do appreciate easily understood and cost-efficient methods of obtaining information... Again, I wish to extend my heartfelt appreciation for assisting us with what appeared to be an overwhelming task and making it not only manageable but faithful to our intentions. It has been a joy to work with you as you have added yet another dimension to our exploration into ministry."-Ronald H. Haines, Bishop of Washington, Episcopal Diocese of Washington;

"...thank you and congratulations to all for making this important consultancy happen. There were nearly impossible timelines... But everyone collaborated beautifully."-Gary Cook, U.S. Agency for International Development;

"LTG's approach provided us with rich and detailed information on individual projects, and produced an insightful analysis across projects... LTG staff were consistently creative, cooperative, and flexible in coordinating their activities and onsite visits with the other contractors to gather information efficiently with the least disruption to the grantees. They ultimately collaborated with the other contractors to produce a joint program report that afforded us a comprehensive view from all three perspectives... The documents [that LTG produced] were of high quality and well executed within the constraints of time and budget. Even early drafts were well edited and carefully planned prior to submission, thus saving us time and project related costs... LTG demonstrated ingenuity and a desire to assist us in maximizing the dissemination and impact of the knowledge produced by and gathered from the program."-Janice P. Shafer, Child Welfare Program Specialist, National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect.;

"LTG's preparation of the materials... was creative and appropriate for the audience we desired to reach. They understood the target audiences and developed materials appropriately geared... to meet their information needs. LTG staff demonstrated creativity, flexibility, and a desire to carefully present the information..." -D. Parham, Ph.D., Health Resources and Services Administration, DHHS;

"Thank you for your extraordinary effort and participation... Your thoughts and experiences are of tremendous assistance to our total effort in these changing times."-W. Buckingham, HIV/AIDs Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration, DHHS;

"I have enjoyed working with you... and am pleased that we were able to accomplish what we set out to do the past two years. I have appreciated the consistent high quality of LTG's work. And, I came to rely on your and John's responsiveness and flexibility in dealing with the challenges... Your ability to adapt and meet those challenges was sometimes tested, but always both you and John responded in a highly professional and competent manner, for which I commend you highly."-Melanie Wieland, Special Assistant to the Director, Division of Service Systems, HIV/AIDS Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration, DHHS

The overall rating for LTG Associate's international performance-based POPTECH contract received in March, 2003:

"For the fifth six-month evaluation period, the PEB determined that the Contractor's performance has been excellent."

The following are individual ratings from the performance review; bolding is from the original document.

Results: Progress made towards achieving results agreed to in the Annual Work Plan.

"The Contractor's performance in achieving results in this category was excellent."

Quality: Contract services and products are of desired quality, and quality assurance and process management mechanisms are applied and maintained as outlined in the Annual Work Plan.

"The Contractor's performance in achieving results in this category was excellent."

Timeliness: Adherence to schedules and timely completion of field activities of written and oral reports, and completion of administrative actions within time frames agreed to in the Annual Work Plan.

The Contractor's performance in achieving results in this category was excellent."

Cost Control: Management of resources is effective, contractor's cost estimates are reasonable and on target, contractor controls all costs throughout the contract including labor, labor-associated expenses, consultants, materials and subcontract.

"The Contractor's performance in achieving results in this category was excellent."

Customer Satisfaction: Responsiveness to USAID counterparts - Missions and USAID/W; implementing agencies and commercial sector partners; and meeting the family planning evaluation needs of the consumers served by the program.

The Contractor's performance in achieving results in this category was excellent."

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