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Niel Tashima, Managing Partner LTG Associates
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Niel began his career working in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities of California. "On May 1, 1975," he remembers, "I opened a mental health program for arriving Vietnamese at Camp Pendleton, Calif. Saigon fell on April 30th and on May 1st we were in business. We received the very first Vietnamese refugees to come to the mainland. Ever since then, I have had an ongoing relationship with one or more refugee communities."

As the oldest and largest anthropologically based consulting firm in North America, LTG Associates develops customized solutions to challenging policy and service issues. Clients benefit from our experience and the application of prior lessons to current challenges, whether they are:

  • Public or private,
  • Not-for-profit or for profit,
  • Local or international in scope, or
  • A government agency or NGO

LTG Associates' engagement is undertaken with the goal of cooperative and meaningful collaboration. Our solutions work because we understand the unique needs of our different constituencies. Our distinct approach means we incorporate both this understanding and the tools of our discipline into customized solutions that benefit the organizations, policies or programs addressed.

And finally, our ethnographic tools allow us to be participant-observers: stepping out of ourselves to assess a situation and pick up subtle cues, while remaining engaged in events and activities as insiders. We are not outside looking in, but are a part of the context and fabric of our research and application.

Whether you call on us for design, implementation, evaluation, management, or training services, we'll create the package and implementation strategy that works best for you.

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