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  • Altarum Institute
  • Armenian Evangelical Social Service Center
  • Asian Community Mental Health Services, Oakland, CA
  • ASPIRA Association
  • Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
  • Boys and Girls Club of Washington, D.C.
  • CASA of Maryland
  • Central California Alliance for Health
  • CentroNia
  • Community Resources Opportunity Project [United SEA Communities] Orange County, California
  • East Capitol Center for Change (ECCC)
  • Episcopal Church of America, Diocese of Washington, DC
  • Ethiopian Community Development Council, Arlington, Virginia
  • Healthy DC Foundation
  • Healthy House of Merced
  • Healthy House: Planning Support
  • Heartly House of Frederick, Maryland
  • Immigrant Legal Resource Center
  • Indochina Resource Action Center, Washington, DC
  • Institute for Behavioral Change, Washington, DC
  • Interfaith Center of New York
  • Kids Korps of America
  • Lao Family Community, Fresno, California
  • Lao Family Community, Merced, California
  • Lao Family Community, Richmond, California
  • Lao Family Community, Riverside, California
  • Lao Family Community, Stockton, California
  • National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems (Now: National Disability Rights Network)
  • National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise (NCNE)
  • National Consortium for African American Children (NCAAC)
  • National March of Dimes
  • National Minority AIDS Coalition
  • National Native American AIDS Prevention Council
  • Pacific Island Health Officers Association
  • Phoenix House of the Mid-Atlantic: Second Chance Initiative Evaluation
  • PLEXUS Health Group
  • Population Resource Center, Washington, DC
  • Public Benefit Corporation, Washington, DC
  • Refugee Policy Group, Washington, DC
  • Refugee Services Alliance
  • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Sequoia Health Systems
  • Sino-American Genetics Foundation
  • Special Services for Groups, Los Angeles, California
  • Twin Palms
  • United Lao Agricultural Cooperative
  • United Medical Center Foundation
  • Vanguard Services Unlimited
  • Vision for Health, Baltimore, Maryland
  • WETA, Public Television

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