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LTG Logo

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve at-risk and vulnerable populations, and to help ensure accessible, appropriate, and quality health and human services. In order to do this we work globally, nationally, and locally with communities and those who would serve them through policy development, research, evaluation, training, and technical assistance.

We believe in working as partners to find strategic solutions that are responsive and comprehensive. We make every effort to deliver research outcomes that will meet the funder's needs and be owned and understood by communities. And, because we are mission-driven, we are committed to consultation that will maximize health and human services for the largest number of people, with the greatest impact, at the highest possible degree of managerial and technical quality.

LTG Associates brings a distinctly ethnographic vision to every project. We then incorporate contextualized views and actions of the various stakeholders into a cognitive whole and produce more successful results.

picture of family crest
Our Visual Identity
The graphic that represents LTG Associates, Inc. is the president's mother's family crest (Kamon) from Japan. The family has been in California since the 1890s. The Kamon was chosen to honor both the heritage of founding partner, Niel Tashima, and the gender of the other, Cathleen Crain.

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