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Our History

LTG Associates, Inc. is the oldest and largest anthropologically based consulting firm in North America. We provide our clients with timely, cost-effective, and customized consultations working locally and globally, from community program design, monitoring, and evaluation, to policy research and development. A versatile interdisciplinary staff of LTG Associates has extensive community-based experience and social science research expertise both domestically and internationally.

For over a quarter of a century LTG Associates has provided the highest quality services in:

  • Research, Evaluation, System and Program Development
  • Policy Analysis
  • Management Consultation
  • Facilitation, Rapporteur, Training, and Technical Assistance
  • Meetings, Seminars, Conferences and Logistics

LTG focuses on several major themes:

  • Addressing continuing global issues of access, appropriateness and quality of health and human services at every level, from local to international
  • Providing consultation to enhance the quality of services to the greatest number of people with the widest impact and highest competency
  • Assisting policymakers and donors to view client needs and services in relation to policy and funding
  • Consulting with private sector providers and policy and planning organizations to improve program planning and affect how resources and opportunities are distributed

 Conceived of and founded by the two managing partners, LTG Associates, Inc. began in 1982 as a limited partnership, became a corporation in 1984 in the State of California, and is also registered in the states of Maryland and Texas. LTG has two principal offices, one in Turlock, California, and one in metropolitan Washington, D.C., and satellite offices in Los Angeles and Fresno, California.

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