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Program and Policy Focused, Convening, Facilitation, and Rapporteur

Attention to detail is key in designing and carrying out complex gatherings and meetings. LTG creates meeting content and provides superior design, facilitation, rapporteur, and reporting services. We have conducted both large and small-scale training. In every case, clients benefit from our global capabilities and experience with a wide range of health and human service topics.

WHO Decent Care in Palliative Care. LTG's planning and facilitation team consulted on organizing, facilitation, rapporteur, and reporting activities for the World Health Organizations Decent Care in Palliative Care meeting in Tunisia. This effort was developed to promote holistic care for an individual in which the care the individual receives not only meets the individual's needs and expectations but also respects her or his dignity and self-worth. A four-day dialogue took place among affected people and those charged with developing health systems and those organizations and agencies that provide ethical prevention, effective treatment, care services, and collaborative support in an array of cultural contexts. The consultation brought together some 70 people from all over the world including faith leaders from all major religions, philosophers, social scientists, service providers, NGOs, health professionals, activists, and, most critically, affected individuals. LTG collaborated with the WHO and others to design the consultation program, facilitate small-group discussions, and conduct the onsite analysis of each day's meetings. LTG also participated in the analysis of findings and the development of the meeting report.
SERVICES DELIVERED: Design, facilitation, rapporteur, report writing, policy analysis.

WHO Department of HIV Stakeholders' Consultation. LTG provided support to the WHO HIV/AIDS Department in the planning, design, and implementation of the Stakeholders' Consultation on "WHO's Contribution in Scaling Up Towards Universal Access to HIV Prevention, Treatment and Care." Thirty-eight member nations and other global partners reviewed the department's five-year strategic plan for HIV and provided commentary. LTG senior staff coordinated facilitation, design, and oversight of the process.
SERVICES DELIVERED: Planning, design, facilitation, implementation

Global Consultation on Decent Care. Senior LTG staff consulted on meeting content and organization, facilitated four days of meetings, conducted instant analysis to guide final consultation deliberations and assisted in the development of the final report. The consultation focused on the development of a new health care concept and involved participants from across the globe. LTG also provided on-site analysis and reporting support to the WHO. The outcome of this work was the defining of Decent Care Values.
SERVICES DELIVERED: Design, facilitation, rapporteur, report writing, policy analysis.

Anglican Church Faith-Based HIV/AIDS Prevention Program. Senior LTG staff gave the keynote address and acted as evaluators for the start-up conference for the Anglican Church of the Province of Southern Africa (CPSA) HIV/AIDS Prevention Program. This event initiated the largest faith based HIV/AIDS prevention program in the world. The address focused on monitoring and evaluation, and the importance of local monitoring and evaluation activities in each of the 23 Dioceses in the six countries that comprise CPSA. The keynote was followed by two days of monitoring and evaluation feedback to trainers and individual grantee consultations.
SERVICES DELIVERED: Design, facilitation, monitoring, evaluation, rapporteur training.

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