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Program Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Evaluation at its best is about seeing, learning, improving, and communicating findings and lessons to others. LTG Associates is known for our intelligent approach to development and implementation of assessment, evaluation, and monitoring tasks, and for our commitment to form following function in every case. Projects have included:

The POPTECH Project. LTG provided flexible assessment, design, evaluation, and technical assistance support to USAID Global Bureau Washington and to Regional Bureaus and Missions around the world focused on population health. This five-year contract was a global design, assessment, monitoring, and evaluation project that provided support both to Country Missions and to USAID Washington. LTG generated program designs, evaluation plans, and developed teams of staff and consultants; created instruments; fielded teams; analyzed data; and reported findings. Many tasks involved rapid planning and start-up and virtually all tasks called for a report and debriefings. LTG conducted nearly 250 assignments in Africa, the Newly Independent States, South Asia, Central America, South America, and the Near East. Information from the tasks was used to inform the development of policy and funding priorities, and for increasing program focus and improvement. In addition, many of POPTECH's reports, tools, and resources were widely disseminated both through its interactive website and through other venues. LTG's performance on this complex, global contract was rated as exemplary for each of the eight performance periods. Performance ratings for five years had the highest possible rating of "excellent".
SERVICES DELIVERED: Design, assessment, monitoring, evaluation, training, data analysis, final reports.

The MEDS Project. LTG supported USAID's efforts to reduce infant and child mortality and morbidity from major preventable and treatable illnesses, and to improve children's nutritional status in The Monitoring, Evaluation, and Design Support (MEDS) project. MEDS was a five-year, indefinite quantity contract (IQC) designed to provide the Office of Health, Infectious Diseases, and Nutrition in the Global Bureau for Health (GH/HIDN), U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Regional Bureaus, and Missions, with flexible access to a vast array of technical and program evaluation expertise. MEDS provided technical and advisory services to USAID in the assessment, design, monitoring, and evaluation of projects and policies related to maternal/child health, child survival, infectious disease, MCH/HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and nutrition. MEDS staff and technical assistance teams worked with USAID staff and with overseas Missions and host-country counterparts to improve the effectiveness of USAID programs. Focused on transparency, accountability, and performance, LTG conducted nearly 150 tasks under this global contract.
SERVICES DELIVERED: Design, assessment, monitoring, evaluation, technical assistance, advisory services.

The Duke Endowment. LTG is conducting process evaluation for the North Carolina statewide Clergy Health Initiative (CHI). The CHI aims to support the improvement of the physical, mental, and spiritual health of North Carolina's 1800 members of the United Methodist clergy. LTG's evaluation work focuses on understanding the issues of concern, response to the program, and variables that affect clergy health across the state. This work is a continuation of LTG's faith-based and faith-focused evaluation work.
SERVICES DELIVERED: Design, assessment, monitoring, evaluation, performance measurement.

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