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Core Values

LTG's projects are based on these successful elements:

TEAMWORK. First, we work with you to carefully define the goals, objectives, timeframes, budget and audiences for the project. Then we craft a team and develop a plan to maximize the talents and experience of team members.

CREATIVE DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION. Project design and implementation is creative, flexible and comprehensive. This leads to insightful analysis and custom solutions based on rich and detailed information, gathered using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods. This design approach is a fundamental part of our deep ethnographic tradition.

COLLABORATION. LTG is known for its thoughtful, consistent collaboration with clients. We believe that we are in a partnership to achieve mutually desired ends. We engage stakeholders in ongoing discussions to ensure that all participants approach decision points with full knowledge, thus ensuring the best outcomes. LTG is also known for its ability to engage community-level providers and community groups in active collaboration on research and evaluation.

MULTICULTURAL BREADTH. Our experience extends across the U.S. and abroad. We have a thorough understanding of and deep experience with the complexity of dealing with human services delivery.

VERSATILITY OF METHODS. LTG is known for the intelligence of its approach to developing and implementing tasks, and is committed to form following function. We also are continually conscious that both quantitative and qualitative methods must meet standards of rigor, reliability and replicability, and believe that using both frequently provides far more satisfying answers than alternative approaches. We believe that methods must serve goals; if not, they must be revisited and adapted to the situation.

EFFECTIVE NETWORKS. LTG maintains extensive networks of consultants and collaborators. Combining our experience with these networks helps to ensure that we can quickly and confidently undertake complex, community-focused tasks anywhere in the U.S. and globally. Additionally, we utilize individual contacts developed and maintained by our staff, consultants, and colleague organizations.

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