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Organizational Summary

Cathleen Crain, Managing Partner LTG Associates
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"I set out to be a physician and was seduced into anthropology by the promise of affecting the shape and functioning of systems," says Cathleen. "That's my passion: that systems and programs will work better and serve the people for whom they are intended. This passion has always been about access, appropriateness and quality of health and human services."

Founded and led by anthropologists, LTG Associates, Inc. is an award-winning, minority-owned small business. We have worked at the leading edge of a variety of health and social issues for over two decades.

A talented cadre of staff members has diverse backgrounds that include anthropology [medical, biological, psychological, and cultural,] psychology, medicine, social work, sociology, gerontology, early childhood development, and education.

LTG has worked in all fifty states, in all of the territories and freely associated states, and in over fifty foreign countries. We have worked for the U.S. federal government, for state governments, for ministries of health, for counties, cities, and with non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Ours is a lean and learning organization. Through a team-based approach and thoughtful use of staff, consultants and subcontractors, we provide rapid, cost-conscious support to clients, even with short notice and conflicting demands. Our small size allows us to be flexible and agile, and we bring in the best talent to meet a requirement.

We only commit to work that we can complete within our client's and our own quality standards; we are truly focused on the product.

Much of our work has centered on formative, process, and outcome research and evaluation concerning the development and conduct of programs, the shape of communication, and the content of policy that affects the lives of communities. We have a strong belief in the critical nature of partnerships and the inclusion of communities of interest from the beginning phases of any project.

LTG is committed to meaningful compliance with the accessibility requirements set forth in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. We have implemented policies and procedures to ensure that all deliverables are accessible to people with disabilities. As part of our commitment we have made available our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), which provides comprehensive information on how our services conform to the Section 508 Standards.

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